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How to Buy & Build XŌNs - Step-by-Step (August 1, 2022)

How to buy the $XETA token and build your XŌNs in a few easy steps

Welcome to a short tutorial on purchasing $XETA tokens and building XŌNs using XETA Capital's dashboard and dApp. This will walk you through, step-by-step, how to use the XETADATA dashboard to purchase and set up your XŌNs in just a few easy steps.

“All XŌNs purchased will earn 0.10 $XETA per day, and require 15 USDC for the first 28-day membership fee. Your XŌNs will be highlighted inside of your XETADATA dashboard after 100 confirmations on the Avalanche blockchain (5-10 minutes).”

You’ll be walking through purchasing your $XETA tokens and building your XŌNs in just a few easy steps by following the details outlined in this article and the tutorial video above.

Buying & Building XŌNs - Four Easy Steps

Step 1. Send AVAX to your Metamask wallet

Purchase AVAX from a centralized exchange, such as Coinbase, and then send it to your Metamask wallet. Make sure your Metamask already has the Avalanche network set up. You will need an equivalent AVAX to USD value based on the amount of XŌNs you're building. Each XŌN requires $15 and 10 $XETA tokens. Be sure to have slightly more AVAX than you need, for transaction costs on the blockchain.

Step 2. Connect to dApp

Visit and click "Launch App". On the next page, click "Connect Wallet" on the dashboard from XETA Capital's website. It will request you to "Sign" a message to continue.

Step 3. Swap AVAX

Inside the dashboard, click "PURCHASE $XETA" or "TRADE $XETA". Swap your AVAX for the amount of USDC (not USDC.e) that you will need. Each XŌN requires 15 USDC as well as 10 $XETA tokens to build. To do the math, every 10 $XETA + 15 USDC = 1 XŌN.

Step 4. Build XŌNs

Click "CREATE A XŌN". A new window will appear with a sliding bar, enabling you to build the number of XŌNs allowed. Once you proceed, you will be presented a transaction to withdraw the required amount of USDC, and a second transaction to build the XŌNs.


That's it! After 100 confirmations on the Avalanche blockchain, your XŌNs will appear under your dashboard whenever you're wallet is connected. It may take up to 10 minutes for your XŌNs to appear, depending on how congested the Avalanche blockchain is. At that point, they will appear on the front of the XETADATA dashboard as well as under the "VIEW ACCOUNT DETAILS" page.

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