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XETA Capital - A Catalog of Options (August 15, 2022)

True Utility, Uniqueness, and a Real Economy

Options are the one thing, in cryptocurrency, that can be the difference between “just another node project” that has no utility, or a project that has distanced itself from the competition.

“The difference between being just like every other project and separating yourself from the crowd is by introducing true utility, uniqueness, and being able to build a real economy around that.”

While many other projects in the defi space have a single option, and that is to sell and drive the token price down, XETA Capital has envisioned a far greater potential and real-world use case for blockchain technology.

An Inventory of Options - Why it matters

In the XETA Capital ecosystem, XŌN holders (10 $XETA Tokens = 1 XŌN) who have reached a certain number of XŌNs, will unlock access to a suite full of traditional finance vehicles and instruments that were once only available to the wealthy elite.

These financial services, including, but not limited to private equity, equities trading, and high-frequency trading services, give XŌN holders the option of participating in financial vehicles using the 0.1 $XETA per XŌN of residual income as the currency of deposit.

The ability to claim your $XETA residual daily income, then deposit that into real-world financial services, opens a catalog of options for the XŌN holder, allowing them the choice of either selling on the open market, using to purchase accelerators and more, or depositing directly into these financial services, which have the possibility of providing potentially more profitability.


It is this array of options that creates a real economy, using our native token, $XETA, to participate. Rather than creating a token without any use-case, ending up “just another node project”, XETA Capital sees a much larger vision for the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency:

A decentralized world, where we create our own economy, and accept our own currency, the $XETA token, which unlocks a catalog of options for the community who is in desperate need to finally get ahead.

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