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What is XETA Capital? Part 1 (August 3, 2022)

GAXSYS Partnership, Real World Use-Case, and Utility

In a space that is a sub-niche of a niche, inside of Decentralized Finance (“Defi”), is where XETA Capital, who is bridging this sub-niche inside of Defi with the Traditional Finance (“Tradfi”) world, is aiming to make a positive change for the community who believes in blockchain technology.

“XETA Capital is bridging Defi and Tradfi to allow the promise of true democratization of personal finance and wealth to be born using the elegance of blockchain technology.”

Ever since defi came on the scene many years ago, it has failed to fulfill its promise of “decentralized” finance for all. Instead, it has been marred with projects and founders who have made empty promises, have stolen money, and have failed to execute a realistic business plan for their community.

This unfortunate turn of events has caused many who once believed in the blockchain independent and freedom technology to look elsewhere, due to the “scams” that have destroyed this once held ethos, leaving innocent people with lost money, crushed dreams, and the inability to ever get their head above water.

This is where XETA Capital comes in

XETA Capital has brought the traditional finance world of investment and has married those returns with blockchain technology, using decentralized finance to deliver that value to the community. Terms such as private equity and high-frequency trading were once only reserved for the elite with tens of millions of dollars but are now available for the masses by participating in the decentralized finance system of XETA Capital.

How it works

By owning a certain amount of XŌNs (10 $XETA tokens = 1 XŌN), you too can get access to financial services that would normally cost tens of millions of dollars in net worth to obtain. Various levels of XŌNs unlock access to different financial services, providing a stable ecosystem for all participants. It is these services, through financial professionals, that allow the rich to get richer. While these would normally never be accessible, they are being brought to the blockchain, truly bridging decentralized and traditional finance.

If the real use-case was not enough, XETA Capital seeks to separate itself in a crowded space of lookalike projects that cannot turn a profit but are able to partner with traditional finance professionals in order to turn massive profits for its XETA Capital Fund.

XETA Capital Fund

XETA Capital’s Treasury, which is not invested by XETA Capital but rather by its Self-Regulating Organizational partnership with Gaxsys Holdings, is invested by Gaxsys to turn a profit utilizing a series of financial instruments, including but not limited to a risk-managed portfolio of private equity, bonds, equity trading, real estate, as well as high-frequency trading algorithms.

These profits allow XETA Capital, through its partnership with Gaxsys, to turn a profit in order to deliver value to its XŌN holders via token price stabilization (buybacks and liquidity), business operations, further investments, as well as potential airdrops directly to XŌN holder wallets.


XETA Capital, through its partnership, allows many of these same instruments to be available to the community through XŌNs. Not only do XŌN holders receive a daily residual income of 0.1 $XETA tokens per day, but XŌN holders are able to migrate their 0.1 $XETA tokens directly into these financial services, ultimately protecting the token price from selling off, and providing real utility to the native token in the ecosystem that allows a real economic environment inside of XETA Capital.

It is this partnership, innovation, use-case, utility, and profitability that allows XETA Capital to deliver a financial product, utilizing blockchain technology, that the cryptocurrency world has never experienced – Until now.

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